Necklace Stacking – The Ultimate Layering Guide

The pièce de résistance- choose a focal point

Choose your best bit and use your pieces to draw the eye. For layering-novices it’s often best to have a single standout piece and complement it with lighter chains; whether that’s a long drop pendant or heavy chain- this piece becomes the star in your stacking show. As you become more confident you can go for more audacious pairings and be more playful with your layering game. 

Adding variety to your layering look

Variety is key to creating a layered look. The idea is of effortless styling. Chains you have simply ‘thrown’ around your neck that happen to look sublimely cool. However, in essence a certain degree of thought needs to go into this. Notably, the length of your chains.  All the same length and you end up with a tangled mess and hours of your life lost trying to un-weave them. Creating a partition between the chains allows each piece to shine and also creates a balance. 

Mix Metals Layering

Mixing Metals

Mix up your metals and textures too. Layering should feel authentic and non contrived. By combining  dainty with weighty, pave with hammered, small links with larger links you can create a unique look that doesn’t feel twee or matchy.

What Types of Necklaces Layer well?

If you’re new to the game it’s good to have a staple layering wardrobe. A classic necklace trio would include a lighter choker, weightier chain and longer pendant. Finer neck chains work well too, like this Salt and Pepper Lara necklace. Ultimately you can layer anything providing the look, as a whole, creates a sense of balance.  

Can you Layer Different Colour Necklaces?

Absolutely! To create a truly original look mixing colour is the perfect way to introduce vibrancy and individuality.

Top Tips For Keeping Necklace Stacks from Tangling

Choose different lengths

This is the key part of avoiding a tangle. Choose necklaces with a degree of space between a) they will shine brighter b) they won’t fight with each other over the best decollage spot.

Varying Weights

Select pieces with varying weights- a tonne of fine dainty chains are more likely to make a ‘necklace nest’ than a mixture of weightier pieces. That said, finer pieces do look rather splendid when layered so don’t be deterred by tangle fear but just be sure to remove them all before showering / sleeping etc to avoid tangle-ation. 

Intervention- a necklace spacer

CBA with all the above? Simply buy yourself a necklace spacer / separator. No one will know and you won’t have a matted, metal mass to deal with come sun down.