Pearl: Mother knows nothing….

Pearls are having a renaissance right now, and rightly so. Their luminous, organic beauty is a celebration of nature.

Once a mothbally staple to your grandma’s twin set, we are now seeing pearls in a new urban light. Designers are challenging the ‘string’ necklace norm and, most importantly, embracing the uniqueness of these stones.

It’s interesting to think that these misshapen beauties  once represented a style based upon uniformity. What they represent now is difference, non-conformity and diversity. Who wants to be the same as everyone else anyhow?

Don’t save them for ‘best’, pearls should now be paired with an undone style; t-shirt, raw-hemmed jeans and trainers are just as good a backdrop for these oceanic beauties.

Here’s our pick of the best

Chiara Earrings


Dropper Earrings


Classic Initial Necklace


Pearl Pendant


Baya Simplicity Necklace