Outcast beauty; nature’s secret treasures

Gold, silver, pearl, diamonds, rubies. Ah the list of precious metals and jewels goes on. Of course, they have a place in our hearts (and our fingers) but let’s celebrate those unconventional gemstones that are stealing the show right now. 


Seaglass- discarded glass sculpted by the oceans and rocks. As if we didn’t need any further proof that Mother Nature is the master architect of all things beautiful.

Sea glass is now a style staple for the modern traveller. Wear it with sunkissed skin, salty hair and feminine dresses. Then imagine yourself on a hazy, Bali beach.

Salt and Pepper Diamonds

Smoky, mysterious, dark and beautiful. Also once considered ‘trash’ or spoiled. Salt and Pepper diamonds are the rebellious little sister, disrupting the gemstone world and putting one finger up to its more refined counterpart.

Its mixture of black and white inclusions creates an unrepeatable smokey appearance. Their colouration can vary from black to silvery white and each one is completely unique.


We do love crystal here at Rockin HQ and what is not to love? Listerine colours, healing powers and a raw organic appeal. Don’t be afraid to wear crystals with a sharper style.

Whilst they are the perfect sidekick to a bohemian look, the juxtaposition of an earthy stone with a crisp white shirt strikes the perfect balance between carefree styling and a more modern look.

Here’s our Style Editor’s pick of the best. You’re welcome.

Amazonite Necklace

Amazonite Necklace


Sienna Neckchain


Dusty Disc Pendant Necklace


Garnet Earrings


Aurelia Vintage Glass Earrings